Atma Bodha Verses 51-60

Verse 51A Self accomplished soul has no likes & dislikes, takes everything as they come, contented from inside, with no desire to go, attain or required motivation achieve. Such a person has an equanimous view, without any attraction or repulsion towards anyone or any circumstance.A realized individual is not drawn to anything Motivation beyond oneself, has no expectations, understands that what’s temporary (anityam). It doesn’t mean one sad but is fulfilled, contented, equanimous & Happiness, like a lamp shining brightly within a goal or assignment pot and no one can view Evolution from out, is called Jivan mukti. Verse 52As stated before, the realized soul is not affected by any scenario the same as the space, specified often in upanishads, which cannot be tainted, axed, burnt, wet or dried.It is the development realization that the fantasies substratum alone is real and all forms & names are but looks with no definite presence of their own. After the butter is expressed, it stands aloof, doesn’t merge back in the buttermilk, as well as the realized person is separate, neither attached nor affected by Motivation turns whatever, lives as a interconnected witness until the prarabdha karma ends.Verse 53 The body is a location, boga sthanam.Upon Self realization, the karmas are erased and the jivan dissolves into that One Supreme Presence, like the rivers merging to the ocean, small fire merges into the fire, the distance within the pot merging with the universal space, losing their name & shape.Sanjita, the embarrassing accumulated consequences of past karmas and Agami, the seeds for another birth, both have erased from the fire of self Knowledge so there is no rebirth for the accomplished jivan.Verse 54As that One Supreme can’t be pointed out, the next three verses are descriptive languages with adjectives. These are also known as’Tatastha Lakshanam’, meaning’in regards to’!Self Awareness is the most profound knowledge where there is nothing else to achieve, it is the complete bliss, beyond which there’s no other happiness, absolute profit, beyond which none to realize.That which is Advaita (non double ), Nishkria(inactive), Nirvikaram(without any modifications ), that’s Brahman, absolute Bliss, One without a second!Verse 55This is very much like the former verse. The Supreme presence is that One, upon understanding that, there’s nothing to see (not accessible to bodily sensations ), or obtain any Knowledge resulting in no rebirth for the individual, jivan.The advantage of realizing that One Supreme Brahman is that the elimination of fear. Fearless existence is the liberation from all shackles of life, it is the contentment. Upon realizing that it is only a rope rather than a coiled snake, the fear goes off and thereby, words and actions related to that fear also goes off, so also this Self knowledge eliminates all fears in the universe.That Supreme is the personification of Happiness, parama sukam, incomparable Bliss.Verse 56 It’s complete, full, Its Sat-Chit-Ananda, Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.That Supreme existence is contrasted to space in this verse as equally are infinite, with no alterations, ever present, only one of a kind but the different difference is that Supreme existence is Knowledge,Chit but not the distance! Space does not know it exists, it does not have that knowledge.Verse 57How can we know that Supreme existence? Adi Sankara in this verse states only by way of Vedantic scriptures. By negating the shape, name and any modification, the body, Annamayya kosa is negated. Then by stating it’s inactive negates the breath coating or Pranamaya kosa is negated, followed closely by the negation of their mind, the stream of mind the Manonmaya kosa, therefore the subtle body is negated leading into the negation of the body, meaning without any beliefs.That One presence without a second is limitless, One Absolute Bliss!Verse 58 The joy, pleasures that all these beings from the Deities to the minute species, all combined is but a glimpse of the One Supreme Bliss.Verse 59That One presence, called Atman, is in all appearances. We love another person or being symbolizes the recognition of the presence because embodiment. Without that presence everything is inert.

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